Sacred Destinations

Countless choices await. Let us handcraft your ideal itinerary that promotes transformation and growth.


The birthplace of numerous religious and spiritual traditions, India is truly awe-inspiring. Around every turn, opportunities await for profound growth and radical transformation. India is not for the faint of heart: its dynamism will greet you as soon as you arrive. What is also true, however, is that carefully crafted trips to India can be the most powerful one can undertake.


The last remaining autonomous Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan offers pristine nature, profound religious centers, epic mountains, inspiring arts and crafts, and wonderful people. We have yet to meet anyone who has not thoroughly enjoyed their time here.


The rooftop of the world. With the large majority of the country sitting well over ten-thousand feet, Tibet is literally breath-taking. The mountain visits, combined with the heartwarming people and profound Buddhist history, make Tibet a tremendous destination to continue your journey.


To describe Nepal is almost beyond words. Discussing its ancient temples, robust culture, sky-high mountains, and lovely people only begins to scratch the surface. The opportunities for travel in Nepal are endless: mountain treks, cultural programs, culinary adventures, or a combination of all of these. Let your mind run wild as you dream up your dream trip!

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia contains some of the most inspiring destinations in all of Asia. From the Thai-forest temples to the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, from the Burmese pagodas of Bagan to the epic stupa of Borabudur, the choices are endless. Let us help you make your trip a reality.


The depth and profundity of Chinese cultural history is nearly unparalleled. As the birthplace of Daoism, Confucianism, and various forms of Buddhism, you can feel these religious traditions even in the hyper-modern culture today. Our programs traverse this entire spectrum, embracing both the ancient and contemporary worlds in transformative ways.

Photo Credits: Most photos on this website were taken by either Justin Kelley or Risto Kuulasmaa. Many thanks to Risto for his generous permission to use their beautiful photos!