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Not Just a Trip – It’s a Life Changer

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I was standing in front of the bedroom mirror at the guest house in Bodhgaya–the place in northern India where the Buddha attained enlightenment–watching the thoughts go through my mind: What am I doing? Why have I let myself get so out of shape? Is my life a reflection of what is important to me? Who am I? When I made the decision to go to India to study with my teacher, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, I didn’t realize the impact it would have. I thought I would go to the monastery, meditate, spend time with my friends, and enjoy a first-time adventure in India. Little did I know how much this trip would transform me. The places we travel to…

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Buddhavana- Douglous Mason

Buddhist Pilgrimage Series: The Diversity of Bodhgaya

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Bodhgaya is considered by nearly all Buddhists to be the most sacred pilgrimage site in India. In this way, pilgrimage to Bodhgaya provides an unparalleled glimpse into the diversity of lineages and traditions found within Buddhism worldwide as each country has constructed a temple in their own native architecture and style. The exchange that occurs due to so many types of Buddhism being in close proximity fosters re-consideration and, at times, modification of one’s own views and practices. Some say that this results in a watering down of traditions, or an amalgamation of practices that lose their essence or potency. Others say it is the natural evolution of religious or spiritual practices, regardless of where in the world you are,…

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