Sacred Path

Conscious | Integrated | Engaged

Sacred Path curates conscious travel programs to destinations throughout Asia aimed at inner and outer transformation. With a heightened sensitivity to both the people we encounter and the spaces we occupy, our programs enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Our Principles

Learn more about our core beliefs, visions, and ideas that guide our programming.

Our Mission

Sacred Path is a conscious travel company dedicated to exploring sacred sites of Asia. We bridge the West and the East; the worlds of travel, education, and spirituality; the theoretical and the experiential. Each trip we curate is ecologically and socially sensitive, preserving the integrity of the local places we visit and the people we encounter. We are committed to inclusivity, ensuring peoples of all backgrounds feel welcome.

Our Philosophy

Conscious travel — the intentional movement of body and mind across space — is at the most basic level a process of inquiry into what it means to be human. It requires both the cultivation of internal awareness, as well as honest, vulnerable, and supportive exchange.

In service of enhancing this process, we imbue each of our programs with what we call a theory of charitability. This theory aims to create an inclusive and empathetic ground upon which all interactions between guides, helpers, assistants, participants, etc. take place. The root of this approach is what we call K.I.N.D. communication, which lays the foundation for various integrated and engaged modes of inquiry.


Sacred Path is grounded in K.I.N.D. communication, an approach that is inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and physicist David Bohm’s approach to free, open, and democratic expression. This approach aims to create a safe and supportive environment for participants to discuss their internal experience in response to the dynamic places and people we encounter.

These principles are not rigid requirements, but instead supportive and nurturing guidelines to be explored in our lived experience.


Speech that is thoughtful and warm-hearted


Communication that is aware of both the impact our words have on others, as well as what is at stake for ourselves


Listening to one another’s ideas with patience and receptivity


Responses that aim to enhance the collective understanding of the group

Our Programs Are Integrated And Engaged

Each of our itineraries include a variety of practices that help create a cohesive, responsive, and supportive environment. They include

  • Contemplative activities that explore the significance of each location, aimed at creating receptive spaces for our intuitive wisdom to emerge;

  • Silent and guided meditative and movement practices, inspired by centuries-old techniques that facilitate balance and integration, enhancing each aspect of our experience; and

  • Interactive learning exercises, such as writing/journaling, small group work, one-on-one interviews, and more, allowing time to process the stimuli we encounter while in country.

We also emphasize engaging with local populations in a way that enhances the experience for all involved. All too often, tourists visit places without the understanding necessary to interact with local populations in mutually beneficial ways. For this reason, we bring attention to not only what our interactions entail, but also the way in which we are engaging.